Floor Looms

Standard Four Shaft 

Foot  Loom 

Shown with optional loom shelves 
and small sliding-seat bench

Kessenich Loom Company's standard foot loom is built of Red Oak with a hand rubbed oil finish. It’s reputation has been built on being strong and heavy enough for rug weaving.  The loom has easy access to the pin and chain tie-up system. Treadles are hinged at the front and are separated sufficiently to ease treadling actions. Rear hinged treadles are optional.  Weaving widths are 30”, 36”, 42”, and 46” in either 4 Shaft with 6 treadles or 8 Shafts with 10 treadles. Heddles are 12” in length to assure a large shed.  Extra space is allowed for storage of unused heddles in Shaft frame to avoid interference with the full weaving width of the loom.  The beater bar is extra heavy and has 3 positions for height adjustment. A steel pin is used to stabilize leg arms. Optional loom shelves attach on each side of the leg arm.  All looms are collapsible for storage and moving, even while warped.  Looms can be ordered with a plain beam with canvas apron or a sectional warp beam. Sectional warp beams have 2” wide sections. Each sectional package comes with tension box and counter and guide. The drum is 18" in circumference and can easily be converted into a plain beam. A Spool rack or creel is recommended for use with a Sectional Beam.

Hand operated floor looms are also available

 Standard Floor Loom Package Includes:

12 Dent Stainless Steel Reed,
20 Flat Steel Heddles per Inch Weaving Width
2 Lease Sticks,  2 Walnut Rag Shuttles
1 Plain Beam with Canvas Apron