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Folded Table Loom
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Eight Shaft Hand Operated Table Loom On Optional Buck Stand

Table Loom on Buck Stand


The folding suitcase style Table Loom is built of red oak and has a hand rubbed oil finish, as do all other Kessenich Loom Company looms. Weaving widths are 14”, 20”, and 25”. The table loom is a hand operated, rising shed 4 or 8 Shaft loom. Canvas aprons are standard on warp and cloth beams. The castle folds into the box frame even when warped. This loom is easily carried or stored folded.  Kessenich Loom Company table looms are ideal for small living spaces, school or as a workshop loom.An optional buck stand (shown) is available to make its own table. The castle and reed may be lifted out of the frame for easier access in threading. The beater has three positions for adjusting the beating angle at the fell line. The center positioned hand levers operate with the flick of a finger and allow lift and release of shafts for extremely smooth and quick patterning. Warp releases are fine tooth steel ratchet and pawl. Knob handles are mounted on both sides of the cloth beam on all full size table looms to ease tensioning. 

The 8 Shaft castle locks in place when folded.

Standard Package Includes:

12 dent Stainless Steel Reed
10” Flat Steel Heddles,
6” Texsolv Heddles on 10” loom only
2 Flat Stick Shuttles
2 Lease sticks
1 Reed hook